About us

Who we are

Everyday Language Solutions Ltd (ELS) is a not for profit organisation that provides a comprehensive range of premium quality interpretation and translation services to the North East community and beyond, which means that you can be confident in obtaining cost effective advice and excellent service from a locally based provider that understands your individual needs.

As a registered charity our aim is to support the promotion of good race relations and the elimination of discrimination through more effective communication, which means that you can be reassured that we will be completely impartial and non-judgemental in our dealings with all of our clients… we are sure that’s how you would want us to be.

Objectives & Activities

  • To provide a professional, confidential, impartial interpretation and translation service for the North East region of England and beyond serving community groups, individuals and local service providers.
  • To encourage local community groups to formalise their language skills to become professional translators and interpreters improving their employment opportunities.
  • To encourage local agencies to create an equal access to their services for non English speakers by acknowledging the need for professional interpretation and translation services.
  • To identify and understand the barriers faced by ethnic minority communities and negotiate policy issues with service providers.
  • To support and advise all BME voluntary and community organisations to develop and maintain themselves effectively, understand their statutory and non statutory rights and establish a positive relationship with mainstream service providers.
  • To provide educational and other bi-lingual information, including the use of audio recordings on mainstream and local services.
  • To provide translated information on mainstream and local services.
  • To provide a visual and sensory form of communication using BSL Interpreters, that supports the deaf, Deaf and deaf blind communities to access mainstream services.

We provide interpreting services to a wide variety of customers including…

  • NHS England
  • Doctors/GP Surgeries
  • Dentists
  • Opticians
  • Crown Courts
  • Magistrates Courts
  • Providers of Mental Health Support Services
  • Premiership Football Clubs
  • Police
  • Solicitors
  • Schools
  • Immigration Services
  • Housing Providers
  • Job Centres
  • Care Homes
  • Social Services
  • Asylum Support Services
  • Registry Offices
  • Private Customers

Our Aim

The Charity has a general aim to improve the quality of life of the local BME community by providing support for them to access services and advice in the region and thereby facilitate their integration into the wider community.

The main objective continues to be the provision of a professional, confidential, impartial, interpretation and translation service for the North East region of England serving community groups, individuals and local service providers. The Charity has been able to achieve this through a structured strategy designed to build upon the good work already undertaken by the Charity and to broaden its scope of operations by reaching more beneficiaries and service providers.

Our Trustees

  • Bill Overin   •
  • Ian Hellawell   •
  • Jeff Lupton   •
  • Michael Turnbull   •
  • Suzanne Fletcher   •